Zeke Forced To Cancel Their Impending Australian Tour

Zeke have had to cancel their Australian tour. Bassist Jeff Matz left Zeke in January to join High on Fire, Jeff was replaced by former Zeke bassist Kurt Colfelt and everything was in place until earlier this week when Kurt received a letter denying his passport renewal.

Unfortunately a suitable replacement was not found in the short time period and Zeke have had to cancel their Australian dates for April as a result. Donny Paycheck, drummer of Zeke, had this to say; “The cancellation of this tour is a big upset to me. I love Australia and was looking forward to the shows. Seems things somehow must be out of whack when a country denies a guy a passport especially when his obligations are being met. The US government is so slow with the cleaning up of its own messes its ridiculous. I bet if they needed him for the armed forces his passport would be issued tomorrow. But Zeke, being the outlaws that we are, sadly had to cancel this most anticipated tour, do to unforseen bullshit and for that I’m truly sorry.”

It’s just not fair! However, the Rock n Roll Outlaw Tour of Australia will continue for the underground road warriors The Blacklist & Jed Whitey. Watch this space for details of the Road Warriors Tour!