Yeah Yeah Yeahs hint at “secret” show; warn fans about new album

Although the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have only announced one Big Day Out sideshow, drummer Brian Chase has revealed that there might be some local, underground announcements of a “secret” gig when the band arrives in Australia. Speaking to FL this week, Chase mysteriously suggested that “people have their ear to the ground I think they might pick up on it.”

When the Yeah Yeah Yeahs crew were last in Australia – for Karen O’s “psycho-opera” Stop the Virgens performance at Vivid LIVE festival in May 2012 – Chase played a one-off improvised experimental jazz show with local musicians Sophia Brous and Shags Chamberlain.

Chase says that despite featuring the full Yeah Yeah Yeahs lineup, the Stop the Virgens shows were “definitely not a Yeah Yeah Yeahs production”. The live band for the production featured Chase and Yeah Yeah Yeahs guitarist Nick Zinner – alongside the rhythm section from The Greenhornes and keyboard wizard Money Mark – but in Chase’s words Stop the Virgens was “very much Karen’s vision … there’s some crossover with personnel but really the vision stems as Karen’s project.”

While Chase proved to be an unusually tight-lipped interview subject he did confirm that the band’s unnamed new record will be out around the end of March. As for other details, Chase stonewalled all questions telling FL, “I don’t know if I’m feeling ready to go into too many details just yet”. He did grudgingly admit that new song ‘Despair’ – described by Spin as “a spare thumper that recalls Florence and the Machine’s ‘Dog Days Are Over’” – provides “somewhat” of an indication about the band’s current sound. However he went on to caution that the track “definitely kind of stands as its own statement”. Pressed for something (anything!) about the album Chase could only offer the warning: “watch out or it might sting your bum”. Revealing, huh? Ah well, I guess a little mystery never hurt.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be playing some of their new songs when they tour with the Big Day Out and play a single sideshow in Sydney. Their last headlines show in Australia were in 2010 when they toured for the Falls Festival and played sideshows in Sydney and Melbourne. FL’s reviewer in Sydney described the show as “vibrant and energising … treading that fine line that embraces energy, experimentation and pure melody.”

Yeah Yeah Yeahs photo by lukereidphoto