Yacht Club DJs @ The Prince, Melbourne (05/04/2012)

With the Easter long weekend upon us, Melbourne’s party kids descended on St Kilda’s Prince Bandroom to welcome the four-day holiday in style. From humble beginnings, Gareth Harrison and Guy Chappell have been turning the party up to eleven in much talked-about festival appearances over the years. With their mixtapes jam-packed full of fun and frivolity, those with the smart money know that when Yacht Club DJs are in town, there’s good cause to get them dancing shoes out.

Fellow Ballarat natives Hunting Grounds (formerly Howl) are given the honours of getting the crowd warmed up, and while those ready to get their dance on are somewhat bemused, a significant portion of the audience is keen to feast their ears and eyes on the recent Triple J Unearthed graduates. However, once they rip out their cover of the Beastie Boys classic Sabotage, those wandering around the peripheries of the Prince bandroom are drawn to unfolding spectacle, which is performed with as much gusto as the original. Hunting Grounds have certainly turned heads since winning Triple J’s Unearthed competition, and with performances like this in front of crowds that prefer decks over drum kits, it’s a thumbs up from this reviewer.

Fresh from the release of their latest mixtape, They Mostly Come At Night… Mostly, Yacht Club DJs bring together an eclectic mix of punters, from the regular club crowd to those keen on hearing their favourite rock tunes mashed up against something completely ghastly. But it’s this eclectic mix of punters that make Yacht Club DJs such a fan favourite; you can lose yourself completely dancing to your favourite guilty pleasure as the rhythm from some of rock’s heavyweights burns in the background. From sampling Fatman Scoop and Elvis Presley, Journey into Gotye, TLC to the Darkness, Yacht Club DJs show that their versatility goes beyond mixing beats: they mix completely different genres at the drop of a hat.

Lead ‘single’ from the latest mixtape Shitney Cheers Part 2 sees Justin Timberlake mixed into Ludacris into Korn into Christine Anu into Sugar Ray; it’s a blending of songs not heard on dancefloors since the beginning of the millennium, and the crowd pretty much goes apeshit for it. When Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is mixed into Marilyn Manson’s The Beautiful People the place is almost turned upside down. There is crowdsurfing, there is hanging off the rafters, but more than anything there is reckless dancing and smiles across the faces on everyone’s faces.

As the mash-ups cease and the night comes to an end, the crowd piles out onto Fitzroy Street, and it’s clear that Messrs Chappell and Harrison have conquered all and sundry. On the eve of the long weekend though, you get the feeling the party is only just beginning for most. Next time the Yacht Club DJs party rolls into town, get your dancing shoes and your favourite 90s band T-shirt, and get ready to party like its 1999.