Wolfmother – White Unicorn

Wolfmother fever is riding high across the land, and it’s about to go into overdrive with the release of their latest single, White Unicorn, from their critically acclaimed self titled debut album. Being the talk of the town must be taking its toll on the lads these days, being compared to every iconic rock and roll group since the 70s. They are loved or hated, praised or belittled, for what they do so well… simply rocking out!

The accolades nonetheless keep pouring in, only recently Rolling Stone’s Annual Readers’ and Critics’ Poll was released and the lads collected a swag of titles. The Rolling Stones Critics’ voted their albumin at No.6 and Readers’ voted their album and single Mind’s Eye as No.1. The second single, following up Mind’s Eye/Woman, cuts the middle ground between out and out rock and soulful ballad. Clocking in at just over five minutes, the lads have chosen another epic tale that will entrance the listener with mesmerising riffs, wailing solos and thundering percussion.

The opening verse says it all:

Have you been to a carnival
I would like to see you
There’s a whole lot of people there
Who would like to be you
With the white unicorn, across her shoulder
Makes you think that she might have been
Someone who’s older, ahh yeahh

You are instantly taken back to times long forgotten, which is basically what Wolfmother are best at doing, evoking past memories with their blues driven wall of sound. Not my first choice for their next single (my favourite being Joker and the Thief), White Unicorn definitely shows they are capable of more than just stringing the odd riff together. The b-side Love Train offers something new if you can’t get enough of their album. A tune with a funky beat that offers a little more insight into the diversity of the Wolfmother camp.

Whether White Unicorn proves to be as popular with the masses as their previous hit is yet to be seen, however it will do little to hinder their ego as they have just been added to Germanys’ Southside and Hurricane Festivals, Rockslide Festival in Denmark and Lollapalooza in the USA. Their Koko show in London sold out so they’ve added another show at the Astoria on the 7th July, and a show with the Kaiser Chefs at Londons’ Alexandra Palace. Go Wolfmother, go!