Wolf Gang – Suego Falls

Symphonic pop rock for the Facebook generation – that’s how you could best describe UK band Wolf Gang’s debut album, Suego Falls. This might turn off those with more mature tastes, but the band manages a lot of fun tunes in their debut regardless.

The first three tracks try exceptionally hard to be sweeping pop anthems, but end up as very samey pop songs. The album really feels like it ‘takes off’ at track four: Suego Falls. Sounding much more understated than the first few tracks, Suego Falls transports the listener to an alien planet – with the synth instrumental interlude (accompanied by ethereal voices) offering a refrain of wonder and serenity.

The next track, The King and All of His Men, sees the band fall into their natural groove, showcasing catchy hooks and melodies in the most radio-worthy song on the album. While it lacks lyrical sophistication, this album highlight is the kind of song you can dance to at five in the morning after a night out.

Midnight Dancers acts as a sort of throwback to The Eagles or Don Henley’s New York Minute (you can actually sing that chorus over this one without missing a beat). The tone of the songs could not be more different though, as it highlights lovers in Paris. Wolf Gang strips away synths and vocal effects in favor of conventional instruments and terrific harmonies, and it is well worth it.

Despite these shining moments though, there are still a couple of blemishes to account for. Where Are You Now has an utterly awful chorus that constantly repeats the song title in stilted yells, and Something Unusual has asinine lyrics like ‘When you look around, but you just don’t see… lay down your little heart for me.’

The final track is named Planets, and makes more than a few allusions to Elton John and ‘Ziggy Stardust’, and concludes the Suego Falls dream in a suitably fantastical flourish. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery though, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sounding like David Bowie or Queen.

As for Wolf Gang’s debut effort as a single piece of work, a little evolution is needed to help them develop their style – because at the moment, they’re lacking originality. That said, this first album is full of interstellar moments that will keep listeners coming back to dance.