Wolf & Cub, Sures, Machine @ Good God, Sydney (5/4/12)

Machine are an odd addition to a bill that leans more towards rock n’ roll but they are far from unwelcome. The Melbourne duo’s spaced out post-rock sound is minimalist in texture but whopping in scope. A sample pad belts of diaphragm shaking beats underneath airy synths and whale song guitars. They are no vocals but they are proved unnecessary; each track managed to effortlessly convey a range of emotions, from anxiety to joy, without needing to utter a word.

Local boys (and girl) Sures immediately impress with their attack of honeyed harmonies and surf rock. They played a tight and together set; their comfort on stage belying their age. The technical difficulties that seemed to plague them did nothing to take away from their performance. Their set was a pleasantly balanced affair, ranging from out and out anthems to ballads that played nicely with volume and texture dynamics. Their focused and fun songs mixed with a great deal of onstage confidence will surely – no pun intended – see them on some bigger support slots this year.

Not often enough do the shaggy heads of Adelaide’s *Wolf & Cub*appear in Sydney, they come on stage to a full house where personal space is a foreign dream and Good God Small Club is putting an emphasis on the small. The tremendous fuzz of guitars that signal a trio of new songs, including new single See The Light, is barn shaking and they deliver their entire set of mostly forthcoming tunes with a no nonsense approach; churning out songs one after the other with ease.

Their new material doesn’t seem to be breaking too much new ground but it is performed with a thunderous ferocity, more akin to a stoner rock band than psych revivalists. While they have always been much edgier live than on record it’s hard to pick how these new songs could be toned down. The energy of the new music trickles into the few older songs they played from Science and Sorcery; One To The Other is given a jammed out centrepiece before winding into a precise and powerful finish.

With the promise of a return after their record is released, Wolf & Cub leave Sydney with ringing ears and a swag of new songs to look forward to. With their ferocious performance and the crowds fevered response it’s surprising to see them in such a small venue but for now they seem happy where they are, dominating the stage.