Who will reunite first, Silverchair or Powderfinger?

Lead photo by Youtube / Kim Schultz

It’s been five years since the Silverchair entered hibernation. A bit longer since Powderfinger fully broke up. So which Aussie rock giant will be the first to dip into that sweet, sweet reformation pie? LACHLAN KANONIUK checks out the tale of the tape for each contender.



For: When the finest Novacastrian band of all-time entered an indeterminable hiatus in 2011, they left behind a timeless collection of songs. Well, except for ‘Anthem for the Year 2000’, which is still a sick tune, but very much dated to the year 2000. Anyway, fans are absolutely fangin’ for new ‘Chair, with adoration levels for their first three albums sitting on the Australiana Nostalgia Index* right between Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cakes and Russell Coight. We’re not asking for a three-nights-per-city shows performing Frogstomp, Freak Show and Diorama in full on respective nights, but… actually that would be pretty mad.

*Not an actual thing but patent pending just in case




For: Powderfinger haven’t even hinted at a reunion since they broke up in 2010, which can only mean one thing: they’re about to reunite. Peter Garrett just released a politically charged solo single, and Midnight Oil have announced their 2017 comeback. What the flippin’ heck does that have to do with the ‘Finger, you ask? Well old mate Brendan Fanning just released politically charged solo single. Join the dots, people.

Against: Each member is living large on the landmark ‘round cornered CD case’ patent that they used to release 2003’s Vulture Street, adopted as a worldwide standard and resulting in a serious reduction in CD case related fatalities ever since. With demand for CD cases showing no signs of slowing down, it looks like the Powderfinger boys have set up their nest egg pretty darn well.



For: It was a landmark moment for Australian rock when the two bands joined forces for a massive co-headline tour in 2007. Such a landmark moment that we’ve already written our ten-year retrospective, and it would really be great if that would coincide with a ten year anniversary tour announcement.

Against: Just combine the two ‘againsts’ from the above Silverchair and Powderfinger ones okay.

The winner is…

Taxiride, baby!

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.17.36 AM

Who cares about Powderchair when we should all ‘get set’ (song reference) for the reunion true Aussie music fans care about most: the mighty ‘Ride! I know what you’re thinking, “Don’t get our freakin’ hopes up here, I couldn’t possibly imaginate anything I want more than a Taxiride reunion.” Well guess what? A quick Google search for ‘Taxiride’ reveals (amongst news on Uber legislation), that “Taxiride are back” and are on tour RIGHT NOW! Check out the dates below!

Taxiride 2016 Australian tour

Saturday, May 28 – Villa Noosa, Queensland
Sunday, May 29 – Stones Corner Street Festival, Queensland
Friday, June 3 – Cairne Glades Tavern, Duncraig WA

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