What’s My Scene: TEEN’s Brooklyn

As part of a new series, Teeny Lieberson from drone-pop outfit TEEN presents her guide to Brooklyn.

TEEN features Teeny Lieberson, formerly of indie-psych band Here We Go Magic, who formed a new outfit with sisters Katherine and Lizzie and their longtime friends Jane Herships and Maia Ibar (who recently left the group). They released their debut, digital-only EP, Little Doods in 2011, and have followed it with a full-length, In Limbo, which reveals a love of languid, droney pop. Produced by founding Spaceman 3 member and Panda Bear collaborator Peter “Sonic Boom” Kember, it’s out now through Melbourne label Mistletone/Inertia.


Chris Burke [ex-Beach Fossils guitarist] is now fronting this band. It’s got that sort of jangly pop thing that’s going on in Brooklyn but a step above. Chris is a great guitarist and the songs are super catchy. ‘Hang On’ is an amazing song. Facebook.

Laurel Halo

I more recently got into Laurel Halo after craving more electronic music. She’s incredibly creative and the production is amazing. I appreciate the boldness of the vocals being so upfront, because a lot of music in Brooklyn shies away from that. Just the collection of sounds on Quarantine alone are a full on listening experience. It’s complex and full of depth.

Air Waves

I love Nicole [Schneit’s] songs and her voice, not just cause she’s my friend. The music is innocent and sweet but almost a little Neil Young at times. They’re great to watch and to listen to.

Here We Go Magic

Everyone in this band is an extreme talent. The songs are sophisticated and twist in unexpected directions but never feel lost. Beautiful melodies and well-crafted sounds. They’re also an amazing live band.

Frankie Rose

We were lucky enough to play with Frankie Rose at MPMF [MidPoint Music Festival in Cincinnati. I was already a big fan of all of her projects, but after seeing her live, I like it even more. She’s really mastered the use of pop melodies without being predictable.

TEEN’s In Limbo is out now through Mistletone/Inertia.