We’ve got all the photos from Justin Bieber’s Sydney show

Last night, Justin Bieber’s ‘Purpose’ tour landed in Sydney after shows in Perth, Brisbane and Melbourne. While the reviews have been mixed, it’s hard to deny the spectacle of it all, which shooter MIKKI GOMEZ was on hand to capture. 

Justin Bieber-2839Justin Bieber-2855Justin Bieber-2897Justin Bieber-2932Justin Bieber-2941Justin Bieber-2951Justin Bieber-2954Justin Bieber-2964Justin Bieber-2973Justin Bieber-2979Justin Bieber-2993Justin Bieber-3012Justin Bieber-3022Justin Bieber-3036Justin Bieber-3042Justin Bieber-3051Justin Bieber-3055Justin Bieber-3060Justin Bieber-3136Justin Bieber-3147Justin Bieber-3162Justin Bieber-3174Martin Garrix-2767Martin Garrix-2779Martin Garrix-2800Martin Garrix-2809Martin Garrix-2819