Weezer announce first Australian tour in sixteen years

Say it aint so! After years and years of topping FL’s annual list of Most Wanted Tours, Rivers Cuomo has finally yielded to our relentless pleading and is bringing Weezer Down Under. Yes, you read that correctly: WEEZER IS TOURING AUSTRALIA!

Last here in 1996 on their infamous Pinkerton tour the band set about confusing Dylan Lewis and giving confidence to a whole generation of skinny, guitar-playing white guys. Having made us wait sixteen long years for their return Cuomo and co are gifting us with a classic hits tour, which will see them playing all their best songs (Hash Pipe!), rarities and their debut Blue Album in its entirety. So this is what it sounds like when fanboys cry.

Upon its release in 1994 the Blue Album ushered in a new era of awkward frontmen and intelligent guitar-pop. Songs like the classic Buddy Holly and Undone fast became the soundtrack of a generation who had been raised on the sounds of Seattle and were in desperate need of a reason a smile.

Weezer tour dates:

Sunday 13th January – Entertainment Centre, Brisbane

Wednesday 16th January – Sidney Myer Music Bowl, Melbourne

Saturday 19th January – Entertainment Centre, Sydney

Wednesday 23rd January – Perth Arena, Perth

Tickets go on sale Thursday 26th July

Want to know some weird and wonderful facts about The Blue album? The band shared some with FL – click to the next page to find out why Rivers Cuomo was left hangin upside down in a doorway whern writing The World Has Turned.

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