The week’s best new music from Little Dragon, Holy Holy & more

It’s been a big week for new releases — from the return of Little Dragon to Passion Pit dropping no less than three new tracks. Here’s four of our brand new favourites.

Little Dragon – ‘High’

Sweden’s Little Dragon return with their first new song since 2014’s stellar album Nabuma Rubberband. The single and its accompanying video are surreal to say the least, anchored by a gently warbling bass and a simple, seductive rhythm. Yukimi Nagano’s immediately recognisable vocals piece it all together, at once both commanding and delicate, embellished by soulful harmonies and bright synths. The playful, trippy video feels like something straight out of The Mighty Boosh, complete with blurry filters, psychedelic decorations and generally wonderful weirdness.

Holy Holy – ‘That Message’

Ahead of their second LP Paint out next Friday (February 24), Holy Holy have released new single ‘That Message’. The pair of Oscar Dawson and Tim Carroll really play to their strengths – lush guitar riffs and poignant vocals – while adding new electronic elements throughout, building on the sound which defined their 2015 debut. Synths and guitars twist beneath Carroll’s melody, while the multi-layered vocal bridge repeating the line “let it go, let it go, let it go” has a gorgeous haunting quality to it. If this is any indication, we’re in for a great new album.

West Thebarton Brothel Party – ‘Moving Out’

Ahhh, sharehouse living. One of the greatest rites of passage, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of moving out of home for the first time. Feverishly singing about living with six mates and searching the streets for assorted furniture, ‘Moving Out’ is a great new coming-of-age anthem from Adelaide’s West Thebarton Brothel Party. The track grasps that explosive energy to a tee, the grungy guitars and driving bass line totally propelling that ferocious, starry-eyed excitement to the fore. It almost makes me pine for the sticky floors, crushed tinnies and piles of dirty dishes. Almost.

Passion Pit – ‘I’m Perfect’

Passion Pit have had a huge week, releasing three new songs as well as launching a new organisation called The Wishart Group. Led by frontman Michael Angelakos, The Wishart Group aims to support musicians in areas like legal assistance and healthcare, with a major focus on mental health. The new tracks have been uploaded to the organisation’s new YouTube page. Following ‘Inner Dialogue’ and ‘Somewhere Up There’ comes ‘I’m Perfect’, an upbeat slice of sparkly indie pop, positivity and good vibes emanating all ’round. All three tracks come with the simple description “#seaoflove”, sparking speculation that a new project might well be on the way.


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