Weekend wrap: Southbound, MIA, Hot Chip and more

All the weekend’s musical action played out in photos and words – from Southbound in Perth to Hot Chip in Brisbane.

Hot Chip – Brisbane

Beach House – Sydney

As much as this band has talent and skill, live they lack a sense of urgency about their music. The beauty of their music, both from Bloom and their previous outing, 2010’s Teen Dream, can often fall short of the epic promises that it makes on record. Tracks fade into one another forming a mellow haze, and truly memorable moments come few and far between.

Southbound – Perth

MIA – Sydney

The Hives – Melbourne and Sydney

“Praise was the most suitable word, as from the moment Almqvist first addressed his congregation, his performance was sermon. And it was a Sunday after all; though not for Almqvist and co: “We’re from the other side of the world so we’re upside down and it’s Saturday in my body.” The man was, as he demonstrates time and time again, revelling in his own ego to the delight of those adoring him. “Number two is there and number three is there, so what does that make me? he asked in his self-introduction.

The Cribs – Brisbane

Summadayze – Perth