Weekend Listening: Lana Del Rey, Hermitude, Davey Lane

JODY MACGREGOR picks out the best bits of music this week – from Lana Del Rey being remixed into the ‘90s to Davey Lane covering a song from the ‘60s.

Downtempo Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s voice is perfectly suited to trip-hop; if she’d been around in Bristol in the 1990s she could have joined Massive Attack, maybe fronted her own version of Portishead. Here’s the proof: a remix of her recent single ‘Ride’ by UNKLE with all the moody signifiers and hallmarks of downtempo.

Hermitude turn evil

‘The Villain’ is the latest single taken from Hermitude’s album HyperParadise. It sounds like the theme song for a remake of Knight Rider where the car turns into a giant robot and then has battles in space, maintaining this stumbling beat for almost its entire length as if it’s locked in battle, on the verge of collapsing but still standing upright.


The Barbarians were a garage band of the 1960s whose drummer, Victor ‘Moulty’ Moulton, only had one hand (he played with the aid of a prosthetic hook). Their song ‘Moulty’ told his story accompanied by some sad harmonica; Davey Lane of You Am I has updated it by telling the story in the third-person and exploiting the quiet-loud dynamic to its fullest. This is from Nuggets: Antipodean Interpolations of the First Psychedelic Era, an album of Australian bands covering songs from the classic Nuggets compilation, released on Friday.

Get down on the farm

One more song from that compilation. Here’s Sydney’s Bloods taking ‘Farmer John’ by The Premiers and doubling its speed and attitude. The screaming fans remain eerily similar, though. Have the sounds of partying not changed that much in almost 50 years?

Nobody actually calls him ‘Gassy K’

Would you like to feel uneasy for the next three minutes and 12 second? Then The Gaslamp Killer and Dimlite have got you covered. This discombobulating stream of everything all at once is called ‘Seven Years of Bad Luck for Fun’ and it’s from Gassy K’s album Breakthrough.

A town called Galice

‘Galice’ is possibly the most ominous song to feature ever the lyrics “spin me around”. It’s a skittering, squeaking thing that comes from experimental dub/pop/electronic oddness duo Hype Williams’ latest release, London 2012. If that Gaslamp Killer song didn’t put you in a weird mood, maybe this will?