Watch Xzibit throw a chair at his Aussie promoter

Heatwave festival promoter Patrick Whyntie has called out rapper Xzibit for allegedly extorting him out of $6000, throwing a backstage tantrum, “acting like a bitch” and “dissing hardworking people because [he] can’t handle situations like a normal person”.

Whyntie – who also raps under the name Mastacraft – promoted the Adelaide show on Xzibit’s current Australian tour and played the support set in Adelaide last night. But, according to a Facebook post, Whyntie left the stage to find Xzibit’s manager arguing and “disrespecting every staff backstage on some diva shit”. Whyntie says he stepped in only to have Xzibit allegedly hit him with “some weird ass punch slap” and throw a chair at him. “I was just in hysterical laughter like wtf is this for real?” Whyntie writes.

Watch the backstage fight

Victor Lopez – the DJ for Australia’s sickest rapper, Kerser – explained on Facebook why Xzibit may have been aggravated. Lopez claims the Pimp My Ride host was picked up from Adelaide airport in “a dodgy old Subaru with broken windows” and was forced to catch a taxi to sound check only to find that nothing had been set up.

Update 25/4: According to Whyntie, Xzibit was actually picked up in a $50 000 BMW. He also notes that Victor Lopez wasn’t in Adelaide for the show.

“At 5pm the show was about to be canned,” Lopex says. “When it came time to come down to the show, his crew tried calling Pat to find out where their ride was. No answer. Pat was on stage performing. So they caught cabs again.” “Lopez has also posted a video on Xzibit leading the crowd in a chant of “fuck you Patrick””:

Xzibit will continue the tour in Coffs Harbour tonight, before heading to Port Moresby, Brisbane and Wellington on Sunday.