Watch Violent Soho’s killer one-shot video for ‘Covered In Chrome’

The one-take, three-and-a-half minute clip for Violent Soho’s ‘Covered In Chrome’ features a flaming Hills Hoist, a Straight Arrows t-shirt, and a cameo from DZ Deathrays’ drummer Simon Ridley – what more could you want?

The video was filmed at bass player Luke Henery’s house and, according to a press release from the band, the burning of the Hills Hoist clothing line “acts as somewhat of a metaphor for vocalist Luke Boerdam’s desire to break out of the mold of the typical Australian suburban life in the search for something more”. It also looks kinda cool.

Boerdam gave FL an exclusive insight into the band’s new album Hungry Ghost last month, revealing that ‘Covered In Chrome’ was inspired by the Hungarian uprising in 1956. “There was this intense moment when 200,000 protesters walked on a parliament building. After their demands were refused they pulled down and demolished a statue of Stalin that was built on the site of an old church. They stuffed Hungarian flags in the statute’s boots – the only remaining part of the bronze monument,” Boerdam recounted. “I guess the song is about the power that can be wielded from ideas, and contrasting that with a guy asking for a ‘simple life’ while unravelling the human vacuum he finds himself in. He’s turning around and asking ‘What the fuck happened?’”


The ‘Covered In Chrome’ clip is the third video released to promote new album Hungry Ghost following the NSFW documentary about naked cyclist Dario and his quest to hold an annual nudist bike ride through Brisbane which doubles as the video for lead single ‘In The Aisle’ and the black-and-white clip for ‘Dope Calypso’.