Watch triple j take the piss out of that viral Channel 9 wardrobe tantrum video

In case you were disconnected from the internet yesterday, Channel 9 news landed themselves on the nightly bulletins with a leaked video showing a spat between anchor Amber Sherlock and Sandy Rae.

Triple j have now had a go at their own, featuring new brekky host Liam being chastised by Veronica for wearing the same shirt.

“Okay I need Liam to put a jacket on, we can’t both be wearing the AIME t-shirt for the radio,” Veronica kicks off.  “Look, we can call Kingsmill.”

“I don’t think we need to bring Kingsmill down, you know he doesn’t like coming down here.” Liam claps back.

Apart from being a pretty funny piece of video, it was also done to promote triple j’s AIME partnership, which is aiming to raise funds for the organisation through the sale of some rad Hottest 100 tees. Show your support and grab one here.

Watch the clip below.