Watch Thom Yorke play a solo acoustic set at his neighbour’s garden party

If you live in the same Oxford street as Thom Yorke it turns out he might just pop round with an acoustic guitar to play a few Radiohead songs at your party. One fan on Reddit found this out after receiving a text from Dad saying he was about to see “Tom York” play a few songs.

The party was in honour of the Queen’s 90th birthday so it’s tough to imagine the attendees being hardcore Radiohead fans but Yorke seems quite pleased to be there playing for them, smiling cheerfully in the footage of him playing ‘Reckoner’. Other songs on his setlist included ‘Street Spirit (Fade Out)’, ‘I Might Be Wrong’, and ‘Desert Island Disk’ from their latest album A Moon Shaped Pool.

The poor fan who received the extremely Dad text couldn’t make it to the party and was stuck at work till midnight. Let’s hope Dad got that signature (or lock of hair) as a consolation prize.