Watch: Metallica’s insane IMAX movie trailer

Metallica: Through The Never is not your standard concert film. Sure, there’s live footage of the band shot in Vancouver last year, but the film also follows the adventures of a delivery boy who gets mixed up in a riot. Cue explosions, guys on horses with gas masks, lighting strikes, and bloody palm prints.

Metallica ’s movie madness has been helmed by writer-director Nimrod Antal (2010’s Predators ) and will be released on IMAX 3D screens in September.

Dane Dehaan – who has recently been cast as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin in the next Spider-Man movie – plays the film’s hero, Trip. “It’s in a way like a 3D concert movie but there’s also this narrative that ties together all the footage,” he told Collider. “It’s gonna be, first of all, really rock and roll and really ‘Metallica’ for lack of a better word; they don’t hold back at all … It’s unlike anything that I’ve ever seen before; it’s almost like a concert movie meets [Pink Floyd’s] The Wall meets Metallica.”

Joining his bandmates on stage after the premiere of the film’s full-length trailer at Comic-Con, Metallica ’s drummer Lars Ulrich revealed that the band will “probably” start work on a new studio album in 2014 followed by a tour. “We’ve had a couple of jams at HQ. [Next year] we’ll be all about a new Metallica record,” Ulrich explained. “In about another year and a half you’ll probably see one.”