Watch James Hetfield sit down to rate celebs wearing Metallica T-Shirts

When it comes to band tees, it’s fair to say Metallica’s rank pretty high in terms of popularity. Which makes sense, because they’re quite a popular band! So popular that a number of celebrities have taken to wearing the veteran act’s t-shirts as fashion statements, or they just really like the band! But what does James Hetfield think of the T-shirt selections of those who choose to rep his band?

In a new video for Buzzfeed Mexico, James sat down to give his thoughts on a range of identities who have donned Metallica tees in recent years – ranging from Avril Lavigne, to Kim Kardashian, to one of the kids from Five Seconds To Summer, to Ryan Gosling.

He doesn’t quite go full dad mode, but makes a few lame jokes, and his forgetfulness of names is kinda endearing. Even when shoe-horning in a plug for new album Hardwired… To Self Destruct when forgetting Ryan Gosling’s name.

Watch the full video below. Hardwired… To Self Destruct is out November 18 through EMI.

Watch the video for new track ‘Atlas, Rise!’ below.