Watch: Henry Wagons vs Japandroids at Laneway Festival

When FL got the chance to speak to Japandroids at this year’s Laneway Festival we enlisted the help of Australia’s second-most loved “alt-country” star to help us out. (Keith Urban was too busy with American Idol commitments – or so his manager said.)

Flexing his journalistic chops, Henry Wagons crowd-sourced questions for the duo – both in the FL forums and on ground at the Footscray Community Arts College in Melbourne, roaming the sweaty crowd to gather some hard-hitting Qs. Do Brian King and David Prowse put out? Which Canadian export are they more proud of: Will Arnett, or Martin Short? Did they steal Yeasayer’s rider?

Fresh from playing his own set on the River Stage, ol’ Hank toweled down and boned up in preparation for his one-on-two with Brian and David. Watch below.

Meanwhile, Laneway continues this Friday in Adelaide, before winding up in Perth on Saturday. Read our wrap-up of week one here.

Henry Wagons vs Japandroids at Laneway Festival:

Laneway Festival 2013 dates:

Friday, February 8 – Fowler’s Live and UniSA West Courtyards, Adelaide

Saturday, February 9 – Perth Cultural Centre