Watch: Eleven-year-old Kimbra recording her first single

Kimbra was always going to be a star. Well before she hit the top of the charts across the globe (with Gotye) and well before she’d moved to Melbourne to pursue her dream, little eleven-year-old Kimbra was already a TV star.

Last week NZ on Screen unearthed a video of Kimbra taking her first steps as a recording artist on the kids TV show What Now. The adorable (and insanely confident) mini-Kimbra meets with music industry experts including Anika Moa and lays down the vocals for her first song Smile.

We’re already seen the clips of slightly-less-mini-Kimbra singing her tunes from as far back back as 2005 (see below if you’ve missed them) now we just need someone to uncover some footage of her performance at the Waikato Times Gold Cup race from way back in 2000 when little ten year old Kimbra sang New Zealand’s national anthem!

Watch Kimbra on What Now (2001):

Deep for You (2005)

Simply on My Lips (2007)