Watch fan-filmed footage of Adele calling out a fan for filming during her show

British superstar Adele has developed a reputation for calling things as she sees them. And in case you haven’t noticed in the past decade, people in crowds have become pretty bloody fond of filming proceedings on their phone. During a recent show in her world tour, Adele noticed someone filming the concert. Adele called it as she saw it.

It’s pretty much a given that people will be whipping out their smartphones at a show – unless there’s some artist-mandated crackdown by security (enforced by the likes of Prince, Jack White, Bob Dylan et cetera). Adele’s crowd sizes would be pretty hard to regulate such a rule, and it’s hard to see why she would single out a solitary fan – until she mentions a tripod, which kinda insinuates that it might be a pro-level camera which probs isn’t cool, ay.

Watch the footage of the moment below. Yes, we realise the irony in this being shot by another fan.

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