Watch 6 magic moments from Primavera Sound 2016

When it comes to the title of the world’s greatest music festival, few can rival the behemoth that is Coachella. But in recent years, Barcelona’s Primavera Sound has pretty much stolen the crown with consistently stellar bookings with tremendous depth. This year brought the goods with a huge array of acts, resulting in some moments of magic. Check out six of the best caught on video below.

1. The return of The Avalanches

The live return of The Avalanches turned out to be… not so live. But it sure was something. There wasn’t much in the way of classic material, and not much in the way of new material. We did get the first full taste of ‘Subways’, which was previously only available in hotline snippets. Let’s hope that we get more Since I Left You and more Wildflower come Splendour.

2. Tame Impala rip ‘Nangs’ for the first time

Tame Impala’s third LP Currents is approaching its first birthday, so it’s surprising to note that ‘Nangs’ hadn’t been given the live treatment until the weekend. It seemed like a pretty chill run-through of the track, check out the footage below.

3. Sigur Ros debut new sound and vision

Post-rock giants Sigur Ros have lost no momentum as they’ve stripped back their lineup. They opened their Primavera set with a new song titled ‘Óveður’, as Stereogum report. It also comes with a snazzy new light show.

4. Radiohead’s sneak ‘Creep’

It’s been a love-hate relationship for Radiohead and ‘Creep’ in the past 20 years, but it seems to be tipping towards love in the past few weeks for Thommy and co. It seemed like they wouldn’t do it, and no sane fan can truly expect it, but after the main portion of their set they took to the stage for a huge singalong.

5. PJ Harvey brings ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’ to life

The legendary PJ Harvey returned to the festival stage, bringing material from new album The Hope Six Demolition Project in the process. Bring this to Australia some time soon, cheers thanks.

6. Ty Segall takes fan interaction to the next level

Pretty much any Ty Segall show is gonna descend into some sort of madness, but when a fan crashed the stage at Primavera, things got weird. Real weird. There were reports of thumb-sucking.