Want to intern at FasterLouder?

Have you been beating down the doors of every darn media company in Australia looking for an opportunity to get some experience (and get noticed) in this highly competitive field? If so, listen up – the 2012 Sound Alliance (that’s our parent company) Internship Program is about to kick off again & you could be one of the lucky few to get your foot in the door.

We’re looking for ambitious, self-starting, creative, effective people who aren’t afraid of responsibility or occasional grunt work. You also need to be currently enrolled in study to ensure this is all legit.

There’ll be two positions available this year, working across inthemix and its sibling brands inthemix, SameSame and Mess+Noise. The first one will have an editorial & content focus, for those of you wanting to end up as the Managing Editor of inthemix or FasterLouder. The other one will have a marketing & creative agency focus, for those of you looking to be the next big thing in the communications or event management field.

Regardless of the position you end up in though, you’ll also be providing broad administrative support to the entire team so, yes, that involves research, printing, laminating, answering phones and the odd coffee run.

If you’re keen to come join us in our Surry Hills office a few days a week for the next few months then head here for more info and details on how to apply.

Good luck!