Violent Femmes’ Brian Ritchie moves to Australia

Brian Ritchie, long-time bass player with the Violent Femmes, has surprised everyone, not least the locals, and moved to the Tasmanian capital of Hobart.

In a brief statement issued by Paula Wriedt, Tasmanian Minister for the Arts, and self-described “big fan” of the Femmes, it was announced that Richie had “purchased a property (in Tasmania) almost a year and half ago” and intends to use his new home “as a base between his busy world touring schedule”. 

Ritchie has wasted no time, forming a Hobart-based band called The Mysterious Green Mist and recording some initial tracks before he departed for a string of Violent Femmes gigs in the UK and the US.  Ritchie plays bass and Japanese flute on the recordings.

The new songs by The Mysterious Green Mist are available on their MySpace page: