Vines drummer joins Wolfmother; claims The Vines have “broken up”

After ten years and five albums as drummer for The Vines Hamish Rosser has parted ways with Craig Nicholls telling FasterLouder that “the band has broken up.”

Rosser dismisses reports that he was ‘dumped’ by Nicholls and has cast doubt over the future of the band, telling FL that “Craig will always write great music in the future and he may choose to carry on under The Vines’ name.”

Rumours that Rosser and bandmate Ryan Griffiths had been kicked out of The Vines first arose in December last year, when neither member appeared onstage with Nicholls at Homebake. Their departure was unofficially confirmed by Craig Nicholls’ sister Jess in the band’s forums shortly after: “If any of you were at Homebake yesterday, I’m sure you can agree the set was amazing and sounded better than ever. The band has made a creative decision to revert back to a three piece, as they originally started….this is in no way the end of The Vines!!”

Rosser cites differences with Nicholls as the reason for his departure, saying that “Part of the reason for falling out with Craig is that I’ve always enjoyed playing in more than one band at any given time. Its important for your growth as a musician to put yourself in different musical situations and this was always an issue with Craig.”

“This all came about at the end of last year. As I was weighing up my future with The Vines I received a call from Andrew Stockdale to ask if I’d like to try out for Wolfmother. Around this time I was planning to move from Sydney to the north coast, close to where Wolfmother are based, so all the planets aligned to make it possible.”

Rosser will kick off his new life as skinsman for Wolfmother tomorrow when the band heads out on tour With Lenny Kravitz and The Cranberries.

Despite Wolfmother’s track history with retaining drummers (they have lost four in three years) Rosser plans to take on the role full time and jokes that he’ll “be cautious of meeting a tragic Spinal Tap type demise such as a ‘bizarre gardening accident.’”

While Rosser’s time with The Vines has been cut short he says: “I’m not conflicted about my decision. I’m really proud of everything The Vines has achieved and will always look back on the last 10 years with fond memories.”