U2 smashes tour records

U2’s 360 tour has officially broken the records to become the highest attended tour ever and the highest grossing tour in history.

The tour has now passed the $558 million gross mark set by the Rolling Stones on their ‘A Bigger Bang’ tour of 2005-2007 and is expected to gross nearly $700 million by the time it wraps in late July. With 110 shows and more than 7 million tickets sold, the tour has also broken the record set by the Stones’ ‘Voodoo Lounge’ tour of 1994-1995, which sold over 6.4 million tickets.

The band’s manager Paul McGuinness has boasted to Billboard that ” with a further 20-plus shows to go on the tour is kind of mind-blowing. It means that it’s a record that will probably never be outstripped. We were always very conscious that we had two parallel careers, as recording artists and as live performers, and each was absolutely vitally important. In our own kind of quiet way we were all somewhat military about it. We would talk about territories and conquering them, and if there was somewhere that was slower to come along, we would go back there and work it again. Bono is kind of a closet General Patton. So, for us, this is a real victory.”