Triple M “won’t touch” Nickelback?!

The trailblazing pioneers at Triple M in Sydney have taken the title of the new Nickelback single Trying Not To Love You very literally, announcing they’ll be boycotting the song.

The announcement that the station would be eating its young came via Facebook yesterday afternoon with a post from ‘Big Boss Man’ JA (that has now been deleted).

The post has attracted just enough ‘likes’ from Triple M’s 9997 fans to ensure that the song is banned from the same airwaves that have so proudly promoted the works of Chad Robert Kroeger and co. in the past.

Two Nickelback tunes – Burn It To The Ground (#366) and Figured You Out (#432) – are included on the station’s Ultimate 500 Countdown. For comparison’s sake, Queens of The Stone Age’s No One Knows was #369, and Smashing Pumpkins’ 1979 limped in at #484. The Spin Doctors’ ‘classic’ Two Princes was placed at #463.

The station has been struggling in the ratings recently, plummeting from a 7.0% to a 3.6% share in the 18-24 demographic in May, so perhaps a belated appeal to the hipster crowd could work some magic? Maybe this is why they’re so keen to play Lonely Boy by ‘Nickelback for hipsters’ The Black Keys every hour?

Nickelback are scheduled to play two shows at Sydney’s 21,000 capacity Allphones arena in November. We’re sure no Triple M listeners will be in attendance.

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