Triple M predicts the Soundwave 2013 lineup: Blink 182, Linkin Park, Offspring


Update: 2nd August

According to the latest announcement from Nui Te Koha: “Soundwave: The Offspring will play. Travis Barker will tour Australia with Blink 182. ”

Taking a break from their busy schedule of flicking through the latest copy of Zoo, updating their footy dreamteams and rockin’ out to the latest monster from Nickelback, the crew at Triple M have decided to make a few Soundwave 2013 lineup announcements.

According to the Triple M gang, Soundwave has “got” Linkin Park for the 2013 lineup and Blink-182 is also a “healthy” chance. The source of this latest Blink 182 rumour? Who else but star reporter and master of rumours himself, Mr Nui Te Koha!

Nuistradamus doesn’t have the best of records with his prognostications and has previously claimed that we’d see Blink 182 and Limp Bizkit at BDO 2010, Blink 182 and Prince for BDO 2012 Black Keys for Splendour this year. But the law of averages dictates that he’ll be right eventually so today he has announced that “There’s nothing locked for Blink-182 but very healthy talks is how it’s been described to me… very healthy and encouraging.” As we’d say to his Triple M buddy Eddie McGuire: lock it in!

Chasing the rumour, Nui says that he has “reached out” to the festival’s promoter AJ Maddah but sadly he “got no reply.” Maddah has confirmed on Twitter that he had scheduled a meeting with Blink and that he is also “hoping to go to a show in the next couple of weeks and beg in person!”

Earlier this week the Triple M crew made another prediction for Soundwave 2013 reporting that The Offspring will be touring Australia in the next six months and are likely to feature on the bill for Soundwave or Big Day Out. This rumour is a little sturdier than Nui’s annual Blink news and comes via a quote from an interview with The Offspring’s singer Dexter Holland .

“I’ve heard that’s a maybe,” Holland revealed to Triple M’s ‘Gleeso’. “In fact, AJ the guy that does [Soundwave], he was at our show in London and I talked to him a little bit. So I know there’s been some serious talks about it. Then I heard Big Day Out from somebody but I don’t know if that’s coming together.”

While Holland says that the band would like to do a headline tour he told Triple M that “it would be great to jump on one of the big festival tours and I would be really happy to play either one of them, so I hope it comes together… Australia is always important for us to get to and a lot of fun for us to do so I hope we get there as soon as possible. I’d say definitely within the next six months.”

The Offspring last hit Australian shores since Soundwave in 2008, although they were booked for the ill-fated and bizarre Megarampage shows in 2009 that attempted to combine skateboarding with a lineup that included Good Charlotte, Pitbull and a few Wu-Tang Clan members. That lineup was almost as baffling as The Offspring’s staggeringly awful new single Cruising California (Bumpin’ In My Trunk), but at least Megarampage never actually happened. Soundwave boss AJ Maddah commented last week that he’s “not sure [about an Offspring tour] tbh. Depends on their world tour itinerary.”


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