Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is the moniker of Oxford raised Brit, Orlando Higginbottom. Trouble is the first full length from the solo producer, who prior to now has released a handful of EP’s and gained a strong following for his beguiling live performance act. Of the 14 tracks on the album there are five pre-released singles, some taken off T.E.E.D’s older EP’s.

Trouble is essentially a dance record that skirts on pop’s light-hearted borders, indulging in a deep, cross-pollination of bass, house and minimal techno sounds, grounded by Higginbottom’s intimate and softly spoken vocals. On standouts like Promises and Garden, the rhythmic detailing and teardrop melodies are quick-footed and intricate.

Household Goods and Solo are just as catchy but delve into darker corners with their haunting melodic overtones that have you envision Higginbottom singing with his bottom lip dragging. There are roaring synths and house anthemic vocals on Your Love to drive the tempo up, landing in an area between present, past and future – a retro tinged sound with clear and current UK bass influences. However tracks like American Dream Part II and Panpipes suffer from a lack of differentiation and too many cluttered ideas.

With a combination of the sparkling subtleties and moments of enchantment, Trouble is a pleasing debut which, when combined with the live performance Higginbottom is known for, could be magical.