Top 10 moments in lip-syncing

With revelations that Beyonce lip-synced her way through the US national anthem this week (see below), we’ve decided to count down the greatest moments in lip-syncing – from Ashlee Simpson’s Saturday Night Live hoedown to Nirvana on Top Of The Pops.


Performing on Italian TV in 2010, singer Alison Goldfrapp missed her cue while the vocals played out loud and clear on the song ‘Rocket’. The backing track was quickly stopped followed by an awkward exchange between Alison and the TV show’s host. Yes, that’s right an awkward exchange on Italian TV.


When the stadium rock trio was asked to lip-sync the song ‘Uprising’ on an Italian TV show they decided to “rise up and take the power back” by notably altering their performance. Singer and guitarist Matt Bellamy took a rest from vocal duties instead letting guitarist Dominic Howard front the band, while Bellamy and bassist Christopher Wolstenholme switched to drums and guitar/keys, respectively.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry pulled out her highly practiced sulky face and admitted that she can’t play the flute after missing her cue while “flute-syncing” the recorder in 2011. At least fans can take comfort in the fact she is most likely not lip-syncing her vocals as she would have bungled that by now, too.

Chris Brown

Ever at the height of controversy, Chris Brown was accused of lip-syncing his performance of the ironically titled ‘Turn Up The Music’ at the 2012 Billboard Awards. Pink! and Joe Jonas took to Twitter to voice their disapproval, but it was Pink!’s husband, BMX champion Corey Hart, who really let rip: “Im pretty sure I saw my wife did that same performance, but she was 3 months pregnant and actually sang the song.”


If you wanted a big hit in the UK you appeared on Top of The Pops, and if you wanted to be on Top of the Pops you had to lip sync. Belle and Sebastian, Blur, Morrissey, Oasis, The Cure and the Damned all mocked the format while still playing the TOTP game, but the classic moment of lip synced rebellion came with Nirvana’s performance of ‘Smells Like Teen Sprit’. Agreeing to sync the instruments if the vocals could be sung live, Cobain delivered his finest impersonation of a dying frog while making it very, very obvious that he wasn’t playing live.


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