Tim Rogers slams the “cowardly” attacks on Adam Goodes

Earlier this week David Jones unveiled an advertisement featuring their new brand ambassadors, including AFL footballer Adam Goodes and You Am I frontman Tim Rogers. Following its release the department store’s social media page was flooded with abusive and racist comments directed at Goodes, prompting DJ’s to release a statement condemning the vocal minority.

Now Tim Rogers has also spoken out in defence of Goodes, labelling those directing abuse at the football legend as “fucking idiots”. Speaking to The Music, Rogers had this to say about the most recent attacks with Goodes and the ongoing booing he faced while playing football earlier this year: “When the discussion and opinions around Adam started up and there was the inference that it was racially based. To continue to boo, or start it up in ‘deference’ to political correctness… well, my little tiny opinion is that you’re a fucking idiot,” he said. “No, it is NOT the same as booing other players or that Adam’s sublime playing style douses him as a ‘flog’. By participating in the derision of a player who has spoken about years of verbal abuse based on his culture… well, I bloody well believe him.”

He continued, “I’ve had things shouted at me for years about my voice, my ponciness, my face, but nothing that digs up heritage, history, culture. So how the HELL could I pass comment on what Adam’s derision made he and his family feel? When he said it cut deep, I believe him. And want to learn. And stay the frig away from social media because that shit is toxic.”

Describing Goodes as one of his “favourite ever sportspeople”, Rogers said that there was no place for booing in football. “I’ve never booed anyone in my life,” he admitted. “Sport offers opportunities for banter of a kind I’ve never experienced elsewhere. Following sports around the world and being in crowds, Australian football is an opportunity to be amongst folks from every socio-economic-cultural blah blah. I’ve heard greater comedy and bathos in footy crowds than any gig at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Booing? It’s dull, mindless, and ordinary. And I sat through a 100 games of Wayne Carey’s career… I’m familiar with the sound.”

He described the barrage of online abuse directed at Goodes over the last few days as “cowardly”, adding, “I would take that badge off and stand beside Adam as a man, as a person I am not fit to tie his bootlaces (until he joins North and I resume as their strapper…) but I have a recurring dream of having a kick-to-kick with him. At this particular time in this absurd life, the truth is I only said yes to doing the ad when they said Adam was in it. I knew then I was safe. He’s that kinda’ man.”

Read the full interview with Tim Rogers over at The Music.