Tim Rogers and the Bamboos – The Rules of Attraction

In the blue corner: The Bamboos; one of the country’s hardest-working funk bands who have built up a solid live reputation under the fearless leadership of Lance Ferguson. In the red corner: Tim Rogers, one of the most notable frontmen in Australian rock history. The recipe for The Rules of Attraction, their first collaborative album, is just right – especially considering their first team-up, ‘I Got Burned’ is considered a high point in the careers of both parties.

How, then, did this turn out so meek? Instead of dripping with sweat, sex and saxophones, we’re dealt a mostly-tepid take on lightly-sizzling funk-pop. Rogers and Ferguson do their best to spark up the tracklist (the title track, the Harry Nillson-aping ‘Lime Rickey’). Often, however, the collaboration just falls into pure cheese – opening track ‘S.U.C.C.E.S.S.’ will instantly have you questioning if you’ve somehow picked up the wrong album by mistake; while the album’s most ironic song title goes to the overlong snoozefest ‘Did I Wake You?’

The Rules of Attraction is all smoke and no fire here – a flimsy glove slap when a knockout punch is promised. A disappointing effort from a combination that promised so much.