Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin – Instrumental Tourist

What do you get when you combine the synth-drones of Oneohtrix Point Never with the ambient drones of Tim Hecker? That’s correct. Ambient synth-drones. On the aptly-titled Instrumental Tourist, Hecker and Oneohtrix mastermind Lopatin play to their common strengths, constructing great arcs of buzzing, crackling sound collage, stitched together from multifarious sources into a just-about seamless whole.

Lopatin’s just-found-the-perfect-preset synth noodling dominates tracks like ‘Ritual For Consumption’, while Hecker’s between-frequencies dysphoria comes to the fore on the likes of ‘Racist Drone’; over the course of the album, this back-and-forth amounts to the dreamiest power struggle of all time, which is no bad thing.

Trainspotters may be able to discern the fingerprints of Hecker and Lopatin respectively, and argue that they might’ve done more to make Instrumental Tourist greater than the sum of its parts. Everyone else – attention span permitting – will just enjoy an impeccably crafted, immersive album.