Those Darlins – Those Darlins

No matter what you are doing right now, Those Darlins are off somewhere having much more fun. Their songs make you wish you were anywhere else than where you actually are and getting up to no good. The band don’t need much to cause a fuss, in their music or their lives. The three gals and a guy set their simple tales of drinkin’, drivin’, (occasionally too soon after said drinkin, as outlined in DUI or Die) lovin’ and eatin’ set to ramshackle twang and bluster provided by guitar, bass, drums and ukulele.

Opening track Red Light Love features the lines “Some people can’t be satisfied with the simple things in life/ Difference between them and us is we know how to take a ride”. Yet you suspect trouble will start as soon as Those Darlins get there, warning a potential beau “if you don’t want a wild one, quit hanging ‘round with me”.

There is a brace of balladry and sorrow in Mama’s Heart and Glass to You, but they just serve as those remorse filled hung over mornings in between getting back up on that horse and back into mischief. Whole Damn Thing, a song about getting drunk and eating a whole damn chicken, has to be the best song about drunken excess ever written and will put your next late night kebab shop visit to shame.

The band don’t mind acknowledging their roots on Snaggle Tooth Mama – ”…don’t own no shoes, I got a tin roof tan” – or telling you about them on Who’s that Knockin’ At My Window? and you can make what you will of the last track Keep My Skillet Nice and Greasy. The dozen tracks are fast, fun and loose, served up by the best drinkin buddies you wish you had.