Thom Yorke didn’t expect anyone to care about the new Radiohead album

Radiohead’s 2011 album The King Of Limbs was relatively divisive, at least as far as Radiohead albums that aren’t Pablo Honey go, with even devout fans claiming it was better once you thickened up its tracklist by adding in the B-sides. Apparently Thom Yorke was worried about that reaction, because in a recent interview with Q magazine he explained that he thought many of their fans would have abandoned them in the five years between The King Of Limbs and A Moon Shaped Pool – in fact, he was surprised that their latest release has been as popular as it is, saying, “We expected the opposite reaction. I cherish the band, but I don’t expect anyone else to.”

A Moon Shaped Pool has gone to number one in the UK and the US and number two here in Australia. According to bass player Colin Greenwood in the same interview, Yorke was vital in making it the album it is. “Thom was just amazing. The album was going a bit wrong at the beginning, but he really pulled me and everyone else together.”

Yorke also said that his favourite song on the album is ‘Daydreaming’, adding with typical self-deprecation, “When we do it right.”