Thom Yorke delays new Chili Peppers album

Red Hot Chili Peppers newest recruit, guitarist Josh Klinghoffer has told FL that the band will start work on the follow-up to 2011’s I’m With You early next year.

Despite drummer Chad Smith previously telling Billboard that the band would be hitting the studio in September, Klinghoffer revealed to FL’s Jody Macgregor that The Chilis were waiting on Flea to finish duties with his Thom Yorke/Nigel Godrch sideproject Atoms For Peace first. “I’m really anxious to get back to work [in the studio] with the Chili Peppers but just the way the year has worked out, mainly with Flea playing with Thom Yorke, it doesn’t look like we’ll get down to any serious work until the end of the year, like maybe December,” he said. “Which gives me the sneaking suspicion that we won’t really get to it until the beginning of the new year.”

Kinghoffer also spoke at length about walking in the shadow of former guitarist John Frusciante, who he officially replaced in 2009 after years of being a “fill-in” on RHCP tours. “The [rest of the band] really did an amazing job of making me feel welcome and comfortable and including me. It was always discussed that I was an equal member, but they really made me feel like that from the get-go,” he explained.

“Obviously [the band] had done this before, you know, John joined the band after not being an original member. They’ve had lots of different members, like Dave Navarro, and they also know that I’m friends with John, spent a lot of time working with him, they were very conscious and very aware of what I might be going through taking on this role.John is one of the most amazing, beautiful, creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing work so I can only hope to have something close to that.”

RHCP were last in Australia six months ago, to headline the Big Day Out , a tour Klinghoffer said the band enjoyed more than most. “That [BDO] trip was toward the end of our tour so we were all looking to take as much time and enjoy Australia as we could. I’ve been there several times and there was a nice chunk of time where I was able to go down to Flea’s house a couple hours south of Sydney. I was able to go spend time on the beach where Flea has had a house for many years and really relax and enjoy Australia away from a big city, which I’d never really got to do.”

Klinghoffer was speaking to FL about his other band Dot Hacker, an experimental side-project started in 2008 with Clint Walsh, Eric Gardner and Jonathan Hischke. The LA-based group are due to release their debut album Inhibition on August 2.

The full interview will be published on FL soon.