This stage invader’s fall from scaffolding at Origin NYE is terrifying

A man has narrowly escaped fatal injury after falling from the stage rafters during A$AP Rocky’s set at Perth’s Origin NYE festival. In phone footage captured onstage by Wiz Khalifa’s tour DJ, DJ Bonics, and a separate video shot by a front row fan, ASAP Rocky is giving his closing address to the crowd when he notices the stage invader, who has scaled the scaffolding and dangles by one arm high above the ground.

Rocky, who hasn’t been renowned for his caring interactions with gig goers in Australia (he was filmed allegedly slapping a female fan at his Sydney show in June last year) calls out to the man, saying, “Oh shit kid, come on man, be careful! … Somebody help this kid before he kills himself”, seconds before the guy plummets to the ground.

As medical staff and security swarm in to attend to the man, who’s collapsed on the ground but conscious, Rocky hops off the stage to check that the guy’s OK, before closing his set with Fuckin’ Problems. The West Australia has reported that the man’s injuries are “serious but not life threatening,” with festival organiser Saran Bajaj telling the newspaper that, “We are really upset at the guy’s behaviour. Slipping past security to go up there was really irresponsible and unfair on the crowd.” You can watch the disturbing footage below.