This Slipknot Christmas light show will keep those annoying carol singers away from your door

Ever wanted to see a Santa shredding metal riffage while an elf destroys a drum-kit, a snowman headbangs, and a giant Christmas tree screams out lyrics guaranteed to terrify small children and the elderly? There are are pretty much only two ways to make that dream come true: by getting black out drunk on egg-nog while watching Christmas movies or by heading to Slayer Bob’s YouTube channel.

Jolly ol’ Slayer Bob has been setting up Christmas light shows featuring all your metal favourites including Pantera, Metallica, Machinehead and of course Slayer for several years now. But his show for 2015 is his finest yet, featuring Slipknot’s seasonal classic ‘Psychosocial’ and ‘The Light’ by 2016 Soundwave headliners Disturbed. Watch below but don’t be surprised if you then end up on Santa’s naughty list.