This mash-up proves that Adele and Paramore work surprisingly well together

Ever since the the release of Adele’s new single ‘Hello’ you’ve no doubt been wondering what it would sound like if those powerhouse vocals were added to a Paramore song. OK, so that’s probably not true but it’s actually a combination that works surprisingly well.

Thanks to the magical work of future Nobel prize winner Doctor Brixx – the same genius responsible for that ‘Hotline Blink’ mix that finally united your love for Drake and pop-punk – you can now hear the world’s biggest act singing over a whole stack of Paramore riffs. The good Doctor’s creation ‘Anxiety’ splices the vocal from ‘Hello’ with the music from Paramore’s ‘Careful’ and ‘Misery Business’ –  because it takes two pop-punk tracks to tackle that mighty voice.