Think the new Kanye cover sucks? Here’s an alternative

The cover art for Kanye West’s latest album Yeezus is not the greatest design of all time. Hell, it’s not even close. If you’re going to call your album Yeezus why not really go to town with a controversy baiting design? Why not get a few last suppers, a devil or two and a crucifixion in there?

To help Yeezy find a more god-like cover design for Yeezus, online graphic design marketplace 99designs has launched an unofficial contest to create a more suitable cover. The design site, which was founded in Melbourne back in 2008, has called on its community of more than 230,000 designers around the world to create alternative covers for Yeezus, already receiving hundreds of entries.

A similar competition to design a poster for Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories attracted more than 1300 designs from almost 280 designers. The Yeezus cover contest is open for submissions until tomorrow (June 12). The winner – decided by a public poll – will score $500. Check out our favourite 20 entries below:

While the winning design will be offered to Kanye, don’t expect to see the Yeezus cover art changing before its official release next week. During his traditional mid-set rant at New York’s Governors Ball festival over the weekend Kanye told the crowd: “With this album we ain’t drop no single to radio. We ain’t got no NBA campaign, nothing like that. Shit, we ain’t even got no cover. We just made some real music.”

In the build up to the album’s release, Kanye has aired five new songs: New Slaves’, ‘Black Skinhead’, ‘I Am A God’, ‘On Site’, and ‘Send It Up’. Both Frank Ocean and Daft Punk have been confirmed as collaborators on the album, while rumoured guests include Skrillex, John Legend, James Blake, RZA, Azealia Banks and Pusha T.

Yeezus will be released on June 18.