There’s now an Airbnb for recording studios

So you’ve got your tracks all sorted out, or your band together, and now all you need is some time in a professional studio to record, mix and master your breakthrough project. Only trouble is, hiring a pro studio is really expensive; for most bedroom producers and garage bands getting professional studio time is a pipedream.

Newly launched website is here to help, based off the same principle as Airbnb: recording studios create profiles with their available resources and cost-per-hour, and musicians in need can search by area and price. So far you’ll only find studios for rent in North America and London, but the site only launched a week ago – stay tuned for Australian studios signing up.

Right now, if you’re in the market, you can rent out Red Bull’s New York studios for US$1050 a day (eight hours), or at the cheaper end of the scale you can book out Brooklyn’s EastSide Sound Studios (as used by Eric Clapton, Lou Reed and Slash) for a very reasonable US$125 a day.

[h/t FACT Mag]

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