There’s a Fire Underground

You don’t need to look far in Melbourne to discover cutting edge music that’s unafraid to erase the boundaries. For a band that looks beyond mainstream and ahead to a future blazon with creative individuality, Fire Underground are ensuring that our city’s sonic reputation is kept intact.

Within the space of just over three years, Fire Underground have brought a fresh approach to your stock-standard band dynamics. Originally a two-piece, Fire Underground exhibit a soundscape of musicianship that combines guitar, piano, clarinet and drums to deliver a style burgeoning on rock and swing. Now, with a bass-player on board, Fire Underground is smoking the competition in the creative stakes.

“With a two piece, it’s limited in what you can do and what kind of songs you can write. So now we can do a lot more stuff with bass behind it,” Daniel explains. “We were working on some new stuff which needed a bit more sound behind it and we started writing some stuff with piano as well. So, we were going for a bigger sound and a bit of bass to fill it out.”

The decision to incorporate a bass-player proved to be a smart one. Fire Underground spent some of 2006 touring the clubs of North America, Canada and Europe with a handful of other Aussie bands including 84 and Late Night Access. After the experience, Ben was recruited as an addition to Fire Underground’s sound. “It was really, really fun. We played the small club shows and we went with a bunch of other Melbourne bands. The most fun part was the travelling, playing a new gig each night and meeting the locals. Ben was playing bass in another band we toured with over there.” The decision to bring Ben on board has exceeded the fans’ expectations too. “Everyone still likes it and they even find it’s better with a bigger sound now; rocks a bit harder. It was a bit weird for us to get used to as well because we’ve played together for three and a half years with two of us in the band together. It’s definitely a different dynamic and it’s a lot of fun.”

The dynamics between the newly formed three-piece feature on the band’s latest EP Seize The Day. The EP was recorded at Sing Sing with local producing hero Matt Voigt ( Powderfinger, The Living End ). With a fistful of high-intensity tracks, each exhibiting their own personality, Fire Underground are taking a leaf from its EP title to move their sound forward. “We’ve released two EPs before and we were really proud of each one but we didn’t get a lot of airplay. We wanted to put something out that can get played on radio. This time round we worked on our songs a lot more. In the past we’ve recorded what we were working on at the time so this is a little thought out I guess. I think the lyrics are a bit more important this time around too – being positive and doing what you really want to do.” Daniel is also adamant that bands these days do in fact seize the day to create opportunities. “Some of the bands we do love have that bend like Andrew W.K, Flaming Lips. It’s that positive music that’s really, really amazing I think and they’re in that direction, that territory. They help inspire other people; a bit uplifting.”

Fire Underground will be uplifting their fans in an energy-soaked launch at Revolver Upstairs this week and will ensure their new material welcomes the band back to the live scene since their overseas jaunt. “It’ll be a fun, energetic live show. We’ll be doing what we normally do and throw in a few new tracks in there as well. It’ll be a really fun night. It’s good to be back and we’ll be keeping up with the momentum.”

Be sure to check out Fire Underground as they launch their new EP Seize The Day at Revolver Upstairs on February 9 with Sojourn and The Landlords. Fire Underground are also giving their first single ‘Beauty Queen’ away as a free download on their website!

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