The xx planning new album; hint at collaborations

The xx have revealed that they plan on writing new music while on tour this year.

Speaking to FL this week, frontwoman Romy Madley Croft admitted that it was one of her new year’s resolutions to make more music while on the road. “We’re going to make a lot more music on tour this year- that’s my resolution and certainly my hope because I always find it difficult on tour to be creative but I think we’re just going to put in more efforts to make it work.”

While the London-based trio, completed by Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith, only released their second record Coexist last year, Madley Croft admitted that she was more than ready to start writing again: “I missed it [making music] so much when we came back to make our second album, you know, we hadn’t made music in so long that it felt wrong to leave it again.” Elaborating on the new resolve, Madley Croft said that writing new material while on tour is something that the band has not been able to grasp previously. “We’ve never managed to do it before, it’s always quite a tricky thing but we’re just going to find a way to do it.”

Madley Croft has also hinted at the possibility of collaborations with other artists on future xx recordings, expressing that it is something the band is willing to explore. “I’m definitely open to writing a song for other people and be, not just on them, and have someone take it and sing it and that be their song instead of ours.”

The xx will make their return to Australia in April with a run of dates around the country. Both the Sydney and Melbourne dates sold out in fifteen minutes prompting second shows for both cities to be announced as well as a second show in Perth.

The full interview with Romy Madley Croft will be published on FL soon.