The Wiggles reunite their old pub-rock band for an RSL tour

The Wiggles are getting nostalgic in their old age and have announced that they’ll be reuniting the original lineup of their old band The Cockroaches for two RSL gigs next month.

Blue Wiggle Anthony Field and his brothers John and Paul have woken up the original purple Wiggle Jeff Fatt for reunion gigs and a new compilation of The Cockroaches’ songs from 1984 – 1994 Hey Let’s Go!’. The live shows at the Dee Why and Rooty Hill RSLs will be the first Cockroaches shows in over 25 years. “We don’t know if we’ll ever do [reunion shows] again,” says John Field. “Anthony is always away on tour and Jeff just turned 60!”

Back in the days before the Wiggles, The Cockroaches were descibed as “the hardest working band in Australia” (they played more than 300 gigs in one year) and clocked up eight Top 40 hits, including ‘She’s the One’, ‘Some Kind of Girl’, ‘Wait Up’ and ‘Double Shot of My Baby’s Love’. “We were lucky to have had success in the 1980s,” says Paul Field. “We were played on radio, performed on TV shows like Countdown and Hey, Hey It’s Saturday and had so much fun.”

According to the always reliable Wikipedia, Australian musicologist, Glenn A. Baker has described their sound as “rangy, loose-limbed, good-natured, energetic, self-effacing, intuitive, harmonic, melodic, enduring, soused and fiercely frantic.” So exactly like the Wiggles then…

The Cockroaches reunion gigs

Saturday, June 14 – Dee Why RSL, Sydney

Friday, June 27 – Rooty Hill RSL, Sydney