The Whip [AUDIO]


How smoking hot is indie/dance at the moment? Seems like there’s plenty of bands around the world enthused and excited by the idea of bringing these two worlds together, and this is definitely reflected in this year’s We Love Sounds lineup. Grand National. The Bravery. !!!. And of course, The Whip.

Finding its genesis in the basement of a pub in Manchester only two years ago, Bruce and Danny discovered that working together they could make indie/dance magic. They called their little project The Whip, and recruiting fellow members Fee and Nathan they took the band on the road. And when it came time to lay down their debut album, so positive was the buzz on The Whip that they managed to secure the services of none other than Jim Abbiss on production duties – a luminary who’s worked with the likes of The Arctic Monkeys and The Editors to create some of the most earth-shattering albums over the past few years.

X Marks Destination has now been unleashed upon the public, and The Whip have most definitely embraced all the possibilities that a dance/rock crossover offers. While a song like Trash is quite straightforward rock, Divebomb is 100 per cent electronica and was actually got picked up last year by the uber-cool record label Kitsune from France, who licensed it for their Maison 4 compilation.

In their typical overblown fashion, the British music press has been getting silly its praise of the band’s live performances. But we’ll get to see for ourselves when The Whip lands in the country this June to play the We Love Sounds festival, as well as a series of sideshow around the country. FasterLouder’s Angus Paterson talks to The Whip!

The Whip’s X Marks Destination is out now through Southern Fried Records/Liberator, and they’ll be crackin’ it at the following shows around the country...

31st May: Prince of Wales, Melbourne

1st Jun: We Love Sounds, Perth

5th Jun: Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney

7th Jun: We Love Sounds, Melbourne

8th Jun: We Love Sounds, Sydney

9th Jun: We Love Sounds, Brisbane

And check out this clip of the band playing Trash live in Manchester...