The Week In Music: “safe arena rock songs for the grunge burnouts”

Everything that’s happened in music this week into something you can skim over in five minutes on the train.

The Scoop: The Killers

The Killers fourth album Battle Born isn’t out until September 14, but FL’s First impressions will tide you over until the official release. Think of it as a review preview… or something like that. Find out which song is purpose-built to fill arenas, which one pays homage to The Velvet Underground’s ‘Sweet Jane’ and which track sounds like something Lindsey Buckingham’s would have written for Fleetwood Mac.

The Issue: ‘Bitch’ is back

Is it ever appropriate for artists to use “bitch” – even endearingly? In a week in which the use of the word was hotly debated by Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, Melbourne singer Jade MacRae (aka Dune) weighed in , saying it’s about how you conduct yourself individually, not so much about the language you use. “Men have been known to disrespect a woman far more deeply while smiling at them and calling them a lady,” she wrote.

The Tour: Cat Power

Cat Power (aka Atlanta songwriter Chan Marshall) has locked in an Australian tour for early next year, telling triple j kingpin Richard Kingsmill: “I just confirmed it .. The last Australian date is February 9, that’s all I know.”

The timing of the dates strongly suggests that Cat Power will be among the headlining acts at the 2013 St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. The festival has announced the 2013 dates and the quote from Cat Power’s appeared just hours after the festival made this announcement on Twitter.

Check out the FL review of Cat Power’s new album Sun.

The Hero: The AFL

Following Meat Loaf’s atonal medley of hits at the MCG last year, the AFL have drafted in some world-beating Australian talent for this year’s Grand Final instead enlisting The Temper Trap, Tim Rogers and Paul Kelly to provide the Grand Final entertainment. It’s seriously heroic move for the AFL to admit that it made a mistake make an effort to correct it, hopefully they’ll fix the damn umpiring next year!

From Angry Anderson to Daryl Somers relive our favourite Grand Final performances.

The Villain: Simon Berckelman aka Berkfinger

The ever outspoken ex-Philadelphia Grand Jury singer certainly didn’t hold anything back in his lengthy In The Firing Line chat with FL, especially when it came to Thirsty Merc, high school bullies, Little Red, former bandmates and living the cliche in Berlin. He even fired off a few barbs at Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl calling the Foo Fighter a “disgrace”.

The interview received a fiery response with readers asking “Isn’t dissing Grohl pretty much against the law?” and declaring that “Insulting Dave Grohl is a dick move. It’s something you just don’t do in the industry.” However a few fans did support Berckelman pointing out that Dave Grohl just plays “safe arena rock songs for the grunge burnouts”.

The Quote: The Presets

“”That line about the old ladies dying afraid and alone surrounded by coke, that really happened in Surry Hills.””:

The Vision: Clare Bowditch’s ‘Thin Skin’

Spoiler alert: People get naked at the end of Clare Bowditch’s new clip for single ‘Thin Skin’.

While it’s a far cry from the climactic orgy that saw The Voltaire Twins’ ‘Solaris’ banned from YouTube after just six hours, Bowditch’s single does feature people “from all walks of life” disrobing (as you do) on a trampoline – you’ll just have to fast forward to 3.50 to see it.

You can also read an exclusive extract from her conversation with Gotye here.

The Sound: Boomgates

Eddy Current Suppression Ring may be on permanent hiatus, but their frontman Brendan Huntley has popped up in a new Melbourne “anti-supergroup” called Boomagates, along with members of The Twerps and Dick Diver. The band, which feature in our FL Recommends column for September, release their debut album Double Natural today. Its first single ‘Whispering or Singing’ sees them flex their lo-fi country chops.

The Shot: 50 shades of Del Rey

The Meme: Reality Check: Your digital collection is worthless

There’s probably a serious debate going on somewhere online about how “evil” Apple is for essentially treating us like thieves and not handing over any rights to the digital files we purchased with our hard earned cash. And while that’s all good and valid, it has to be asked FL editor Darren Levin was asking a slightly different question: Why in the world would anyone want to bequeath their collection of MP3s to their next of kin?