The Week In Music: “It’s pure hatred in text form”

We condense everything that’s happened in music this week into something you can skim over in five minutes on the train.

The Scoop – The Most Overrated Albums of All Time

Because even the most sacred cows are not immune from a good old-fashioned slaughtering, we decided to focus our inaugural list on reassessing albums that are universally acclaimed, but in the cold light of day maybe aren’t that good. After much deliberation, heated debate and soul-searching (for the most part, we had to put our own nostalgic attachment aside), we came up with a list of records that, for whatever reason, seem to get a free critical pass. It provoked a strong reaction to say the least. “Worst fucking list ever,” was how one Facebook user responded. Another threatened to kill us with rat poison. But before you reach for the cyanide, we’ll be unveiling FL ’s “Most Underrated Albums of All Time” list soon.

Click here to read the list in full. Warning: Your favourite album may appear. Perhaps you’ll revisit it with a fresh perspective?

The Issue – I paid $750 for an album

“When you support stuff you love, more stuff you love gets made,” wrote FL contributor David Swan, who spent $750 on a limited-edition package for the new Circa Survive album that included a handwritten lyric sheet, a video call with the band, pencil sketches and artwork, a vinyl copy of the record and vinyl jacket hand-painted by the band. He argued that artists connecting with fans in a tangible and meaningful way could be the real solution to music piracy. Read the full article here.

The Tour – St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival will return in 2013 with “a “mega dream lineup headlined by Bat For Lashes, Yeasayer and Divine Fits. Maintaining their reputation as a festival that’s very much in touch with the #zeitgeist, nearly one-third of the 2013 bill is made of bands that only released their debut album this year.

We went behind the Laneway announcement to present a definitive guide to everything you need (and don’t really need) to know about the 2013 bill.

The Hero – Bon Scott

For years we’ve claimed Bon Scott as our own, but the legendary AC/DC frontman was actually born in Kirriemuir, Scotland, before his family shifted to Melbourne, aged six. Now, more than 30 years after his death from “acute alcohol poising”, the iconic singer will be honoured with a monument erected in his birthplace. Onya Bon!

The Villain – Triple M

Triple M prematurely “confirmed” dates for four Blink 182 sideshows earlier this week. Turns out they were wrong. Soundwave jumped in to announce that no additional Blink shows have been confirmed and that dates posted on the Triple M website were based on rumour, not fact. Oops! It’s the second time Blink 182 fans have been teased following festival boss AJ Maddah’s announcement, then retraction of the date for a show in Brisbane.

The Quote – Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong

“”Oh, fuck this shit. I’m going to play a fucking new song. Fuck this shit. Give me a fucking break … I’ve been around since fucking 198-fucking-8. And you’re going to give me one fucking minute? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! You’re fucking kidding me. What the fuck! I’m not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers.””: – Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong ranting on stage just before heading off to rehab

The Vision – Grizzly Bear ‘Yet Again’

The Sound – Lana Del Rey

Shock! Outrage! Sigh! That’s the sound of the world reacting to the release the ‘Paradise Edition’ of Lana Del Rey’s debut album which has been expanded to include a song where she coldly informs you that her “pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola”.

The Shot – The Presets

The Presets returned to the stage with a “secret” show in Sydney this week, playing new material ahead of a national tour with Parklife. Check out FL’s review of new album Pacifica.

The Meme – The Most Overrated Albums of All Time

Questioning the status of much loved albums comes with its fair share of criticism – one Facebook fan even claimed that the list was “pure hatred in text form” – but this meme summed up everything perfectly. Thanks Kevin. Thanks Winnie.