The Week In Music: “I could cry with happiness”

A new Friday column where we condense everything that’s happened in music this week into something you can skim over in five minutes on the train.

The Scoop: FasterLouder

Hate to blow our own trumpet, but like, have you seen our new redesign? I mean, look at it, so fresh, so clean, so much like, er, a “knitting fansite” (thanks Mitchell Cameron from Facebook). While it’s probably a little self-serving to give ourselves “The Scoop” of the week, yesterday’s revamp and accompanying manifesto certainly sent the internet alight. OK, maybe not alight, but it certainly got people talking, which is all we ever wanted in the first place.

The Issue: Pussy Riot

A previously unknown punk band from Russian with six songs and five videos became the subject of international headlines when they were jailed for staging a performance at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Everyone from Yoko Ono to Paul McCartney, Billy Bragg to Bryan Adams came out in support, with Sydney’s Catcall penning a column for FL: “”It’s not really about whether Pussy Riot are a ‘good band’ or not,” she argued. “Pussy Riot are protest artists using punk, the loudest and best medium to make their point heard.””:

The Tour: Refused

The Swedish hardcore legends are “not fucking dead”. In fact, they’ll be here in November on a headline tour. Take that mortality!

The Hero: AJ Maddah

The outspoken festival boss has had a huge week. His Soundwave festivals sold out almost immediately (as he’d predicted ); he announced a Refused tour presented by fucking no one except Soundwave touring and he added Silversun Pickups and Dexys to the Harvest lineup. Hell, AJ was so loved up this week he even promised to put on a spread of tea and scones for Harvest Foundation members at the festival.

The Villain: Carina Round from Puscifer

Puscifer are confirmed for Soundwave! There’ll be two chances to see Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan performing at the festival! Joy for fans of improvisational hardcore! Wait, what’s that? They’re not playing? It was all just a bad joke by co-vocalist Carina Round? Oh come on now!

The Quote: Bluejuice

‘It’s a shameful thing to listen to our early material’

The Vision: The Voltaire Twins

Perth’s The Voltaire Twins had their new clip for single ‘Solaris’ pulled from YouTube after just six hours. They defended the clip in an opinion piece on FL: “It’s like a kid sniggering at a nude portrait or something”.

The Sound: Avalanches

You wait twelve years for a new track from The Avalanches and when it finally drops it’s a four and a half minute spoken word track called A Cowboy Overflow Of The Heart. And it’s only a demo. Sure it features the first appearance of David Berman since the Silver Jews disbanded, but come on! A spoken word demo, seriously!?

The Shot: Slash in Brisbane

Photo by Rickford

The Meme: Avril Kroeger

Our congratulations to the happy couple.