The Week in Music: “How do you even compare paisley janglepop to rave-joy gospel-dance?”

A new Friday column where we condense everything that’s happened in music this week into something you can skim over in five minutes on the train.

The Scoop: Divine Fits to tour… for Laneway?

You heard it here first (just). Speaking to FL during the week Dan Boeckner of indie supergroup Divine Fits – which also features Spoon’s Britt Daniel, New Bomb Turks drummer Sam Brown and keyboardist Alex Fischel – told FL “We will be coming to Australia in January. Unlike Wolf Parade we won’t be cancelling it.” In other news, Laneway is set to announce its 2013 lineup in the next fortnight…

The issue: Our live music venues

The issue that refuses to be solved reared its head again this week with The Sando staging a rally to save it from closure and FL announcing a panel discussion between The Annandale and Music NSW to engender debate about the future of live music in Sydney. The one-off event aims to improve the state of the Sydney’s live music scene and more specifically the relationships between venues and artists. And the Annandale welcomes all the ‘keyboard warriors’ to leave the net for the night and get their arse down to venue to be involved in something “real, unique, and most likely a little bit special”.

The Tour: Primal Scream

Last here in 2011 to remind us why Screamadelica is a modern classic, Primal Scream are set to show off their extensive back-catalogue and a handful of new songs when they return to Australia at year’s end. From their early flower-power influences to embracing rock’n’roll and electronica, Primal Scream have kept us on our toes for the better part of 30 years so we’ve reacquaint ourselves with their back catalogue to order their nine albums from worst to best. Although as we were reminded on Facebook: “How do you even compare paisley janglepop to rave-joy gospel-dance, or techno-dance-metal? Or ‘Exile-era’ Stones pastiche?”

The Hero: Dads

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday so we’re sucking up to all dads out there by declaring them the musical heroes of the week. Without dads we would have struggled to find a lift to those underage punk shows, find old Springsteen records to ‘borrow’ and accidentally scratch, or learn our first guitar chords.

To celebrate the occasion the band of fathers who make up the lineup of The Walkmen have put together a special Father’s Day playlist featuring a bunch of great stuff from Tom Waits, The Cramps and The Beach Boys. Oh, and every dad’s favourite band, the Rolling Stones, could be touring Australia for their 50th anniversary so that’s good, fatherly news as well.

The Villain: The Saints’ Chris Bailey

How do you replace one of the most distinctive guitarists in the history of Australian rock’n’roll? With a former member of Thirsty Merc, of course.

Out: Iconic guitar player Ed Kuepper.

In: Thirsty Merc from 2005 to 2009 Sean Carey.

The quote: Tim Rogers

“”I’m pretty low-brow entertainment””:

The Vision – Presets

Taking inspiration from Bill Henson perhaps?

The Sound:Tame Impala mixed by Todd Rundgen.

Tame Impala proved that there is no such thing as sounding too retro this week, putting their new song ‘Elephant’ into the hands of legendary American producer Todd Rundgren for a work-over. The man behind Meatloaf’s ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ and XTC’s ‘Skylarking’ brought his signature oddness to the track, creating a mix that is is trippy, dense and every bit as brilliant as the original.

The (Screen)shot: Refused is fucking cheap

Ticketek confused punters by advertising that tickets to the highly anticipated Refused tour would be just $3.50. The ticketing company eventually corrected the advertised price, confirming that the actual cost is actually $70.70 more expensive than originally advertised. Nonetheless tickets sold at a rapid pace when the went on sale on Friday morning with the first Melbourne show already sold out and a second date added.

The Meme: FL’s Editor-In-Chief

Thanks to Polaroids of Androids for interviewing FL’s Editor-In-Chief (Captain?) Darren Levin and creating this spectacular photo.